Is lottery the answer to your worries?

For that question, the answer is a definite No! A lottery is in no way an answer to any financial worry of the individual. In fact, the individual buying the lottery ticket has more to loose than to gain by registering themselves with a lottery! Want to know why? Read ahead to find out why lottery is more of a fraud than a gain!

1. A proposition with ‘No Win’

You will agree that when you decide to enter a lottery, the chances of winning are quite minimal. No matter whether you feel it is your lucky day when you are winning the lottery, it might just be your unlucky day yet again! In fact, most of the times, there is a no win proposition in a lottery ticket.
In fact, even on one fated day, if you actually win, you still stand to loose in totality if you count the previous number of losses you have had or the time you have lost on waiting for your number to arrive as the winning lottery number!

2. The odds

There are lots of lottery variations if you go the see! You have the lucky draws, the lottery tickets, the mega jackpots and various such other lottery options! No matter how many in number the variations are, the chances of winning each type of lottery is quite frankly, very slim!
In fact, if you believe the facts, it is easier to get struck by a lightning than to win through buying a lottery ticket!

3. Loss of your investment

It is also likely that playing a lottery can actually get you a loss on your initial investment even after you win a lottery! This is true because to win a lottery, you need to ensure that you have bought enough number of tickets so that your number comes up as the winning one!
Now, buying all those tickets will cost you more than what you would win as the prize money from the lottery system! Therefore, it is strictly your choice to opt for a more sensible option for your financial worries rather than invest in a lottery!

What other option do you have?

If you are wondering as to what other option you have other than a lottery to earn you some quick money, what better than to spend every dollar you would have spent on the lottery ticket to trade in the share market!
It is true that there is no guarantee in the stock market, however, the chances of making a quick profit is quite high! All you need to do is keep a track of the world economic affairs and you will be performing decently in the share trade.
In fact, once you get a hang of the share market workings, you can be pretty much assured that your chances of winning will only increase and improve in the future! And what is more satisfying is that fact that the winning is dependent on your skill then simply a matter of chance!

New Year’s Resolutions and Coupons

Because of the steadily rising prices of most products these days, consumers find themselves seeking a thriftier alternative to obtain the products of their choice. When looking up coupon codes online, you will find yourself with several links to choose from to take you where you will find some amazing deals and start saving some serious cash.


As it’s the beginning of the year, it’s a great opportunity to save some money and repair you budget along with your health. If you intend to give up smoking this time of the year, you can try and choose an alternative like electronic cigarettes. There is no risk to anyone’s health from second-hand smoking because electronic cigarettes do not produce toxic chemicals. One highly rated brand is V2 Cigs. It is widely used so there is no shortage of reviews, and there is also a very high ratio of nice ratings. The consumer also saves up to an average of up to $30.00 when they purchase V2 Cigs compared to the competition and that is enough to make most any consumer smile. Consumers can easily locate deals online or even directly from V2 cigs themselves and get discounts with minimal hassle.

You can find many deals starting at ten percent off, depending on which in-store sale that you happen to catch. Some coupon codes can also go up to fifty percent off or even eighty-five percent off and again this also depends on the in-store sale. Be sure to bookmark the web page here so that you can go back and use your e-cig coupon code when you’re ready to. What many consumers appreciate about electronic cigarettes like V2 is it is not only a healthier alternative for smokers that want to quit it is also safe for your friends and family to be around.

According to various online sources, there are a number of annual sales that are offered for a limited time. One example of that is the Christmas savings sale but it doesn’t mean you’re too late to get a great discount. Promotions and prize drawings are also short term. Certain V2 cigs coupon codes are only allotted when you purchase starter kits, clearance items, or combine them with existing price reductions to make for massive savings. These discounts are usually only for a short period of time so get them while you can.

The great thing about some of the websites where thrifty spenders can find great deals with coupon codes is that they are thoroughly checked to make sure that they don’t lead to fake or fraudulent coupons. These websites also can provide useful tips and tricks that can lead to an even greater savings. Just remember though, like everything in life, you’re most likely going to have to put a little work into getting savings that go above and beyond what the coupon provides. If you’re not sure where else you can save in a similar manner, services like Groupon will easily fit in as an great source of inspiration.

Xmas Presents on a Budget

For many people, the festive season can be financially draining and hence less enjoyable. Many people place too much emphasis on the price of the presents they give and receive because of all the consumerism that exists all around. However, it is possible to give pleasant presents to your family, friends and coworkers without dwindling all your financial resources. This may require some time and careful planning, but the end result is always a delightful present that stretches your dollar. Here are a few ideas of Christmas present ideas for people on a budget.

How to save money on Xmas presents

Homemade Food Gifts

A homemade food gift is a very thoughtful gift idea and really shows the gift receiver that you have put time into their present. There are plenty of foods that you can make at home that would make great presents including baked goodies such as cookies or homemade jams and sauces. Once you have prepared the food itself whether it is cookies, cupcakes or homemade jam, put a little thought into the presentation. This will really show the receiver that you put care into the present. You do not have to go overboard on decorating the package but a simple ribbon or a little gift tag can go a long way.

Personalized CD or Playlist

Burn a music CD of songs that have meaning to you as well as the gift recipient. Once you have the personalized CD ready, create your own cover art and write our type out the track listing. This is a great gift that is budget friendly and has a personal touch. It is especially great for someone who you have shared experiences with and whose taste in music you are aware of.

Shop Sales

Always be on the look out for markdowns and sales. You can save a significant amount on expensive gifts by purchasing them on reduced prices. Search online for the lowest available price on any item when searching for a specific item. Also, check out sales at other times of the year. Do not limit your shopping to just the Christmas season as you can score great discounts at other times of the year and keep the items until its time to gift them. Also, shop the season’s sales for great items at reduced prices and keep them until its time to gift them.

Put Together a Gift Basket

Put together a gift basket of various items. You can have a theme or just put together random things that the recipient will appreciate. They do not have to be expensive but a few little things presented in a nice basket or even just a recycled container can make for an attractive gift. Ideas for the gift basket include candles, mini picture frames, small soaps, mini bottles of shower gel, candies, individually packed tea bags, hot chocolate sachets and tea towels. You can also add little things like nail polish or a nail file or a pair of socks, depending on who the recipient is. You do not have to go out to purchase a basket as you can use what you already have at home. This is an opportunity to be creative in the way you package and present the gift as well as the contents of the present.

The above ideas are just a few ideas on giving Christmas presents while on a budget. The most important thing about gifting on a budget is to be creative and keep an open mind towards ideas. At the end of the day, the gift recipient will care about the thought you put into giving them a gift rather than the price tag of the gift.