Xmas Presents on a Budget

For many people, the festive season can be financially draining and hence less enjoyable. Many people place too much emphasis on the price of the presents they give and receive because of all the consumerism that exists all around. However, it is possible to give pleasant presents to your family, friends and coworkers without dwindling all your financial resources. This may require some time and careful planning, but the end result is always a delightful present that stretches your dollar. Here are a few ideas of Christmas present ideas for people on a budget.

How to save money on Xmas presents

Homemade Food Gifts

A homemade food gift is a very thoughtful gift idea and really shows the gift receiver that you have put time into their present. There are plenty of foods that you can make at home that would make great presents including baked goodies such as cookies or homemade jams and sauces. Once you have prepared the food itself whether it is cookies, cupcakes or homemade jam, put a little thought into the presentation. This will really show the receiver that you put care into the present. You do not have to go overboard on decorating the package but a simple ribbon or a little gift tag can go a long way.

Personalized CD or Playlist

Burn a music CD of songs that have meaning to you as well as the gift recipient. Once you have the personalized CD ready, create your own cover art and write our type out the track listing. This is a great gift that is budget friendly and has a personal touch. It is especially great for someone who you have shared experiences with and whose taste in music you are aware of.

Shop Sales

Always be on the look out for markdowns and sales. You can save a significant amount on expensive gifts by purchasing them on reduced prices. Search online for the lowest available price on any item when searching for a specific item. Also, check out sales at other times of the year. Do not limit your shopping to just the Christmas season as you can score great discounts at other times of the year and keep the items until its time to gift them. Also, shop the season’s sales for great items at reduced prices and keep them until its time to gift them.

Put Together a Gift Basket

Put together a gift basket of various items. You can have a theme or just put together random things that the recipient will appreciate. They do not have to be expensive but a few little things presented in a nice basket or even just a recycled container can make for an attractive gift. Ideas for the gift basket include candles, mini picture frames, small soaps, mini bottles of shower gel, candies, individually packed tea bags, hot chocolate sachets and tea towels. You can also add little things like nail polish or a nail file or a pair of socks, depending on who the recipient is. You do not have to go out to purchase a basket as you can use what you already have at home. This is an opportunity to be creative in the way you package and present the gift as well as the contents of the present.

The above ideas are just a few ideas on giving Christmas presents while on a budget. The most important thing about gifting on a budget is to be creative and keep an open mind towards ideas. At the end of the day, the gift recipient will care about the thought you put into giving them a gift rather than the price tag of the gift.